Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The preppy cardigan

Those of you that subscribe to The Daily Buss have probably already seen this. The email the other day was "Prep U: Cheap-Chic Boyfriend Sweaters for YOU!" Of course I had to buy this cardigan from Delia's (which is getting cuter and cuter). It is called the Blair Preppy Cardigan and I am SURE it is named after our favorite preppy Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf.

The good news: $44.50!
The bad news: backordered until NOVEMBER!


  1. That is really cute! It's a bummer it's back ordered.

  2. OH I love it. I can't belived it's back ordered.

  3. WAY cute. I think I need that too. Maybe they will have it in one of the stores?

  4. omigod i love that sweater. i feel like i would live in it all fall/winter. it looks so comfy.


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