Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Primp at Hautelook

I love Primp and this week it is featured on This site has sales for various designers and there are so many great finds! The Primp sale lasts for over 24 more hours. It is free to register. Please enter my email as the "sponsor" if you do end up signing up (

Here is what I got (since I already have the other thermal and v-neck shirt!):


  1. I was just on HauteLook, looking at this sale! I bought the Lobster Crew Thermal and the Infant Lobster Bodysuit from Primp Baby for my little cousin!

  2. just signed up (thanks!) and there are about a billion things i want haha. great buy!

  3. I signed up. I would have loved to get the Gorjana 'Key To Heart' silver necklace, but it's sold out. I'll keep an eye on future sales though. Thanks. :)

  4. Too funny... great minds post alike, hmm?

  5. It's adorable! I love hearing about your shopping finds!


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