Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lilly motherload!

Thanks to great advice from some fellow DC/VA/MD bloggers I checked out Filene's Basement and found tons of Lilly Pulitzer! I tried on some skirts and dresses. I found one dress I really loved but it was still over $100-I decided to go back again this weekend and see if it is worth it or not (I am thinking yes). Another thanks to google maps. Using this handy search I found out that Rockville, MD has a TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, and Filene's all within a couple of miles of each other! Perfect afternoon trip to find some fun things for the swaps I am in.

In other news one of my new favorite bloggers, I Pick Pretty, gave me the Diamond Blogger Award. Snazzy! I would like to pay it forward to:
Pretty in Pearls
The Pied-a-Terre (don't know how to do that accent thing, sorry!)
Well, That's Just Fabulous
Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls

Today I am off to Ikea to return the adorable pink dresser that was broken in the box. Very annoying!


  1. What a lucky girl you are! Please do post photos of all these finds when you return this weekend!

  2. good luck with the dresser. i love ikea but HATE putting together the more complicated pieces of furniture.

  3. Thanks for the award! Don't worry about that accent thing, lol - good luck with your dresser!

  4. I always think Lilly is worth it.Please post some Pictures if and when you purchase it.

  5. Thanks for the award. You're so sweet!!!

    Ugh... I don't like having to return things~ such a pain. Good luck.

    Glad you found some great stores in the DC area. Can't wait to see your finds!

  6. wow-- the joys of a big city... filene's basement. can't wait to see pictures!!!

  7. Congrats on the Lilly score!

  8. Bummer about the dresser! Thanks for the Lilly tip, I may need to check our local Filene's Basement.

  9. Adorable pink dresser?
    I like the sounds of that.
    Broken in the box?
    I don't like the sound
    of that. Boooo.

  10. Lucky duck! I used to shop at the Filene's downtown all the time when I worked on L and never once found Lilly. Ever. Sniff!!

  11. I have never heard of that store, it sounds great! I hate when stuff breaks before you get it, so annoying! Good luck with that!


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