Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I love my...

Carrie Dunham camera case!

I have this chocolate brown one (with pink seersucker inside). I carried it with me on the ship (it also has a pocket for ID cards, etc)-perfect for capturing those beautiful sunsets after dinner!

25% off all products until June 30!


  1. That is really cute. I have been looking for a good case. This would be perfect!

  2. Welcome Back!!

    I just ordered the navy with yellow and white lining. It is darling! Thanks for the seal of approval. 25% off too!! xoxo

  3. I am glad you are home and that you had a fantastic trip. I cannot wait for you to share a photo or two of your favorite destinations!

  4. I love that camera case! I also love the fact that you are back in bloggy land with us!! =)

  5. http://www.rachelleigh.com/view_item.php?id=963
    heart the gold bangle! xoxo KAG

  6. Very nice .. i wanna follow this blog

  7. Adorable and what a wonderful trip. Thanks for stopping by!


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