Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TV Time!

I really want to hear what you all think! So leave a comment letting me know your opinion on our favorite shows

Monday nights M, C, and N come over to watch Gossip Girl, Greek, and Hoarders (that last one doesn't really go, haha). It is so nice to have someone else to watch with (aka talk pretty much the whole time-thank God for DVR!).

Greek: Where are the Casey/Cappie scenes?? We are almost halfway through the season! I don't even think they had a scene together in this week's episode. I do not like the preview for next week: Evan and Casey are done. They have gone there multiple times. It isn't going to work. Let's not go there AGAIN. Are there even any Evan and Casey fans? I am all for them being friends but let's leave it at that.

Gossip Girl: Am I in the minority here? The Serena acting out storyline is so annoying. But maybe that's just because she annoys me. I will stand by Chuck and Blair. I think I actually miss Little J. I like Carter. Dan's looking much better now that he gained some weight (or is that muscle?). Not a huge fan of his hair though (C loves it). I wasn't sure if I was going to like Bree and Nate together. Well they haven't really given us the chance to yay or nay because they have like one scene every episode! N is probably happy about that-she thinks Nate is too pretty. Do you like Georgina or not? I really hope Michelle's new show is picked up so she doesn't return to GG! One of these days I will do a fashion post. I promise!

One Tree Hill: I didn't watch last season (I am a new fan and just finished season 5 in May) but I think I like this season so far. Yeah it is kinda weird without Lucas and Peyton but I like the new guy (Clay?). Brooke and Julian=so cute. Not so sure about this new Nathan (fake) love child storyline. But he is so hot it doesn't matter.

Glee= I love it. The music, Emma's J.Crew wardrobe, etc.
SVU= I am still mad at how they ended last week's episode. I told myself that yes, they somehow got the innocent guy out of prison. Not sure I will keep watching.
ANTM= I am tall. I think you can figure out how I feel about this season. I don't think I could take up gymnastics all of a sudden. But it is entertaining. What happened to the crazy Jesus girl who decided not to do the show??? My sister googled her but found nothing. Does anyone know??
Flash Forward=Will keep watching. Probably going to get confusing but I think it will be fun. My fellow Lost fans: it gives us Penny and Charlie until Lost comes back in January.
Vampire Diaries=I am giving it a chance. Did you know the book was written in the early 90s (aka way before Twilight)? Vampires are all over the place right now!
Castle and the Mentalist=both are on my future husband list. Enough said.

ETA: How could I forget about the City and the Hills? Olivia better be playing it up for the cameras. She is so hard to watch! Why do I even watch the Hills anymore?? Justin has such a cute face. Why must he hide it behind all that hair and those ugly hats?

Ok there are so many other shows (NCIS, CSI, Brothers and Sisters) but this is enough for now. I will be responding to your comments so let's start dishing!


  1. Yay! I love people who are as tv obsessed as me. ;p I was wondering how you can handle watching yoru favorite shows with tons of friends - so you rewatch them on DVR later on? Haha, I understand.

    Greek - I've never seen it. I have thought maybe I should get the past seasons sometime and watch them. I'm pretty sure I'd like it, but might not relate to it because of not understanding the whole college experience? What do you think?

    Gossip Girl - I haven't watched any of this season yet (DVR-saved).

    One Tree Hill - It's killing me without Lucas & Peyton.. I loved them. Brooke & Julian are so cute together though, and alll the guys are pretty hot! You should definitely watch last season asap. :)

    Glee - Last week's episode made me laugh so much!! I'm not completely invested in the show and the characters yet, but I'm sure it will continue to pull me in.

    SVU - I agree so much!! :(

    ANTM - Hehe, I was excited to see the crazy Jesus girl in the house.. shame they teased us by focussing on her when they knew that she was not going to make it to the actual competition.

    Vampire Diaries - Another show saved in my DVR to watch when I have time. So excited for Ian Somerhalder in another show!!

    The Hills - Yeah, I agree it's not all that great anymore. Justin creeps me out. Eww.

    The City - I want to scream at 'characters' on that show almost every episode. Olivia.. and the new girl, Roxy?

    Also... I am really getting into the new Melrose Place! And I also liked the pilot of Eastwick. :)

  2. I need to do my recap post. I posted on a few shows the other week, too!

    I'm not feeling OTH anymore. I still watch (kind of).

    GG has been amazing. Love it.

  3. I love Glee! There are not too many shows I tune into, however from a fashion point there is nothing that comes close to Mad Men! Have you ever watched it? It is so much fun... fab, sexy and smart all rolled into one!

  4. I am loving Glee too! So silly and fun!

    I hope you have a great day!

  5. I loooove Gossip Girl. Serena needs a new story line--I agree. And Georgina? Pleeeeease... I like the Chuck and Blair coupleness this season.

    And GLEE!!! My new obsession.

  6. YAY I love this post!
    As for GG- I love! I love Serena and doubly love Chuck & Blair (Chuck dresses way to preppy for my taste though). Georgina, I can't stand her (think its Michelle T that I dont like not the Georgina character)she just annoys me! And woah baby what happened to Dan, you are so right he looks much better with weight/muscle. He is actually attractive. And Nate is my fav. he is just GORGEOUS!

    SVU-I am right there with you about premiere. I cant stand that new DA...what a B! She isnt even pretty like Alex or whatever that other ladys name was.

    AMTM-its ok. The first couple of seasons were awesome but its just not that great to me anymore.

    You need to start watching 90210 & Melrose PlaceI LOVE IT! Lots of gossip!

  7. from your lips to god's ears on GG- we think exactly the same on everything and aspect of the show!


  8. Just sending a tv rec to check out Modern Family on ABC--it is hilarious!! I'm also with you on the hills--why am I still watching this show?

    If anyone watches the Office Pam and Jim's wedding is tonight!! Come on...who doesn't like a wedding episode?

  9. Since you asked, I may be the only one, but I am a Casey/Evan fan. I like it the other way around with Casey and Cappie being friends. And don't get me wrong I love Cappie. I really loved Cappie and Rebecca together. I ultimately don't care, but just don't see what everyone else sees with Casey and Cappie, and I try, but I just don't. I really liked Max, too. I thought she should be with him, if they weren't going to get her back together with Evan. Just though I'd share, since you asked.

  10. I love that you posted this...

    GG - I love Chuck and Blair, but am waiting for Hduff to make a scene, bc I am done with Georgina...

    One Tree Hill - is amazing! Last season wasnt as good, but this one is really getting good. I dont know where peyton/lucas are, weird!! Do you think Nathan cheated??

    Hills - love it, but now that I know its fake, its hard to watch.. hating Kristin though...

    City - Olivia needs to go, haha, she is horrible!!! And who is the new girl with Whitney, shes bad news...

    ANTM - missing the Jesus girl as well. She was hysterical!! But I am glad to see some of the girls short and all... I love Tyra and think she has done great things for this show and her bod lately!

    Please get into the rest of the week, I am dying to talk more tv trash :) xxxooo

  11. I'm a OTH fanatic. Although, I'm entertained. I miss P&L!

  12. Here are my thoughts:

    GG - Love it, don't love Serena. She is uber annoying and her storyline is ridiculous. I love Chuck and Blair together, I think they're so cute. Hate Georgina - wonder what she's up to in Boston? I think she's going to ruin Scott's life {i.e., blackmail him} so she can continue seeing Dan...ick.

    OTH - So much better now that Lucas and Peyton are gone! I love Brooke and Julian together. SO sad that Nathan is getting set up, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't sleep with that girl {esp since he's already cheated on Haley with her sister and Nanny Carrie}. I think the baby has something to do with Nathan's manager, Clay...

    SVU - SOOOO mad about last week's episode, I couldn't stand that DA lady. She was evil. I hear that Alex Cabot {aka Stephanie March} is coming back!! I'll keep watching, but Wednesday nights are busy TV nights for me.

    Glee - OMG, I LOVE this show! I just started watching it on a whim, but now I really can't get enough. I think it's my favorite show of the new series!

    You watch NCIS? I'm obsessed with this show. But Tuesday's episode was beyond boring. I want to see some Tiva action! NCIS: LA - totally cheesy but I still love it.

    CSI - Nick Stokes is amazingly hot. I love him. I liked the season premiere and I used to not be able to stand Sara, but she's not so bad now.

    Okay, now that I'm done I see that I should have written my own post :)

  13. I love One Tree Hill, but I hate not having Lucas and Peyton there. They were my faves, but I love Brooke & Julian. I agree about the Nathan love child thing - it is annoying. Last season was one of my favorites!

    I also love Glee! Gossip Girl is okay, and I love Chuck and Blair, and I also agree about Serena.

    I'm kind of over ANTM these days. I just think it is too much the same every year, and the girls are just starting to annoy me. Oh well! I think you can have too much of a good thing.

    I also still love Grey's and Thursday nights on NBC too :) I think I'm addicted to TV - oh no!

  14. I have had the worst time keeping up with my shows with TEN hanging around. I've finally gotten him watching Real Housewives, Gossip Girl and Melrose Place. He is resistant to the others. So...currently my DVR is packed with must sees for me!

    I will say, I could not be more in agreement with you about GG. Serena is annoying. Quit being so secretive about things that no one really cares about anyway. Uggghhh!

    Georgina = VOM! I can't stand her. Everything about her irritates me. Goodbye...please!

    Blair + Chuck = I like, but I don't like. It's not nearly as fun...but I'm glad that game is over for them :)

    Carter = interesting.

    Nate + Bree = still undecided.

    Can't wait for next week :)

  15. Ok I too have been giving Vampire Diaries a try, not sold on it yet. I am a faithful GG follower, but can they chill out on the 20 random plot lines involving some of the nasties, and missing out on some of my favs! It has kind of been all over the place! Nothing is stopping me from that hour of guilty pleasure just yet though!

  16. i LOVE Greek...i have to DVR it because Gossip girl takes priority...but i might have to switch that because you know how im feeling about GG lately!

  17. I'm so glad that someone else is upset about the lack of Cappie/Casey! I was absolutely POSITIVE by the way they ended last season that we would see a Cappie/Casey reunion but all we've seen is them acting like weirdos around each other! I'm hoping that the Evan/Casey storyline is just to bring them together so she can find out it's Evan's fault Cappie said no. Also, has anyone noticed that Casey isn't looking quite as cute as usual this season?

  18. GG-Serena is acting like she did in the first season. I am bored with her so far, but hopefully it will get better. Can't get over Georgina and Dan! I am a fan of Blair and Chuck!
    OTH-I miss Peyton and Lucas because it's not the same without them.! I love Brooke and Julian! The story line of Nathan being portrayed that he got this girl prego will be interesting!
    Glee-My new fav show! I love all the great music!
    FlashForward-It's very interesting and you're right it will be great to see Charlie and Penny again. I heard that Richard might be on it.
    Hills- I am not a fan of Kristin and miss LC! K will definitely bring the drama!
    City- I didn't watch much last season but I watched this week! I like Olivia's style but she can be catty!

  19. Nautical and Southern-I am watching Modern Family too. So far very funny!

    Rebecca Jill-Interesting. I like Evan a lot more now that he isn't with Frannie/doesn't have the trust fund. I think he has good chemistry with Rebecca.

    Headbands and Handbags=I am a huge Dawson's Creek fan so I give anything Kevin Williamson a chance ;)

    Ambs=I agree Casey isn't looking as cute, mostly because her outfits are so unflattering!

  20. Happy October!!

    So many new shows, so little time.
    I def. need to play catch up.

  21. Someone else who watches "The Mentalist"!!! Finally!! I think Simon Baker is beyond adorable!!

    I think GG is much funnier this season then it has been the past 2, but its strange how there are barely any Jenny or Nate story lines.

    I love OTH and think this season is doing pretty well for itself!

  22. Gossip girl is sooo boring so far this year. Sadly, we need Georgina on the show just to keep it interesting!!

  23. I watched the first two episodes of Vampire Diaries before calling it quits. I totally loved the books back when they first came out (eons ago!), but I thought the show is horrible. There are too many things wrong with it! I think I just can't get over feeling that the show should be exactly like the books...and it's SO not!

  24. great post!

    greek is a little annoying this season. rusty and his girlfriend get on my last nerve. they either need to put together casey and cappie or call it quits for good. i think evan and rebecca would be a good couple, actually.

    gossip girl - totally agree with you about serena. why is there always so much drama with this girl? ugh. i'm looking forward to seeing how hilary duff fits in.

    i'm on the fence about vampire diaries. we'll see.


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