Friday, November 13, 2009

I love my...

Vineyard Vines Snow Day Puffer Vest. I got this as a present for dog/house sitting and it is so comfortable! I got it in Rasberry Lemonade-love that color name. My old pink vest from American Eagle was faded and dirty so it was time for a new one. The VV vest has fleece lined pockets that zip (essential!) and a cute little whale on the back of the collar. I love the look of a vest over a long sleeve tee (perfect for LA "cold") or hoodie (for when it is actually cold).

Get 25% off Vineyard Vines with code: GIFT (ends 11/16)


  1. I wear my navy one everyday. seriously, I'm obsessed!

  2. I remember being in middle school when puffer vests first were cool, and now I just can't wrap my head around seeing people wear them again! Maybe I'll have to invest and fall back in love....

  3. so awesome! fabulous color!! Have a great weekend!

  4. One of these from any retailer is a must, IMHO. :)

    Have a splendid weekend!

    PS: Today's post has another shout-out at you....sorry. I can't help myself whenever I see something applicable! (Today's is from the new Lands' End line, 'Canvas'.)

  5. That one is SO cute! Didn't know about the 25% discount.....that could be fun :)

  6. I love my VV puffer so much!

    thanks for sharing that code, too.

  7. Oohhhh Kate - thanks for the tip! I am so ordering that right now! I've been looking for one in just the right color and that's it!!!


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