Monday, February 8, 2010

Old Navy baby clothing

I am in love with the elephant (pink and green) and giraffe (pink and brown) prints at Old Navy! Of course they make you walk through the baby section to get to the dressing rooms. Who can resist such cuteness??

Elephants + hearts= adorable:

(hard to see but those are two elephants kissing with a heart above them!)

E is for Elephant:

Pink stripes:




elephants AND giraffes together!

I saw some other Giraffe tops in the store but couldn't find them online


  1. I love them all, especially those shoes!

  2. how adorable!! i love the elephants, xxxoo

  3. My niece's due date was yesterday. These are so cute, I have to get a few of these. The shoes and socks are a must!

  4. Boy are these cute. I don't know anyone that is having a girl right now. But I love them. We are having a boy. Maybe we will have a girl next time. I will have to check them out for cute boy stuff.


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