Thursday, April 22, 2010

Roberta Roller Rabbit by Roberta Freymann

A couple of months ago I walked into the cutest store at the Brentwood Country Mart! There are so many great prints to choose from. The store carries clothing for women, children, and men and accessories along with home items like blankets, pillows, and curtains.

Pink elephants:

I want the PJs!

Pink Seahorse:

Classic Indian Kurta:

Amelia Green:

Francesca Pink:

Bondi Beach Bag:

The girls' swimsuits are on sale!


  1. I really need a preppy clothing company to make things with COWS. Lilly are you listening?

  2. Love the pink elephants -- SO cute!
    xxoo Josie

  3. Love the pink seahorse pjs!

  4. Isn't Roberta Roller Rabbit fantastic? She has great sun hats for summer.

  5. prints, charming, darling! excellent and fun patterns!

  6. I had the pink elephants in a tunic but then I got a hold in it. I couldn't part with the print so I had it made into small pillows for my girls. Love her prints.


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