Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Tag

The Beaufort Lookout tagged me with 2 awards! Thanks, Beaufort Belle! Sunshine and Summertime also gave me an award so thanks for that too!

Rules: Thank the person who gave you the award, share 10 things about yourself, and pass along to 10 bloggers who you've recently discovered and then let them know you've passed this on to them!

1. I just moved into a new apartment!
2. I sleep with a stuffed elephant. He's been around the world with me!
3. My favorite TV show is Felicity
4. I start each morning with a glass of chocolate milk
5. I hate wearing high heels
6. I love photography and take way too many photos
7. I have a Blackberry and don't plan on changing phones any time soon
8. I am the youngest of three girls
9. I absolutely hate spiders and am so scared of them
10. I am a Target addict. I would go everyday if I could!

I tag:
Faith Hope Love
Seersucker Scrapper
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Fried Pink Tomato
Positively Preppy in Pink
The Coastal Chicster
Pink Cashmere Cardigan
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Brown Eyed Belle


  1. Thanks for the tag! I too have a serious problem with Target. My problem is I can never get out of there without spending at least $200. On what I'm not sure?

  2. Ugh, I hate spiders!!!

  3. OH YAY! Thanks so much, NBN! Pssst.... I'm TOTALLY obsessed with Target as well!

  4. I'm a Target addict, too! It's a good thing the closest one is 30 minutes away from our house. :-)

  5. Felicity was the first WB show I watched with any regularity...except I was total Noel fan and was so disappointed by the end!

  6. I only allow two trips to Target per month now. Ha!! And I love photography!! :)

  7. Thanks so much for the award! I am deathly afraid of spiders as well!


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