Friday, August 13, 2010


I am off to Las Vegas today to see Lady Gaga in concert! I think it will be quite the show. Her costumes alone are entertaining!

I thought it would be fun to post about some of my favorite concerts. I am so lucky that I have been able to attend so many concerts from Britney Spears and the Black Eyed Peas to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and the Rolling Stones.

First concert
: Spice Girls!
Best concert: Stevie Wonder and Elton John are pretty hard to beat! Dancing on stage with Elton=one of the best moments EVER!

Performer I have seen the most
: Justin Timberlake!

A lot of my photos are on my old laptop but I did find these ones:




What was your first concert? Favorite concert? I can't be the only JT stalker ;)


  1. Lucky duck! My first concert was Toby Keith & my favorite concert was the Jonas Brothers with my best friend!



  2. Hi Kate! Have a great weekend in Vegas you lucky girl! My first concert was Fleetood Mac and I did see NKOTB when they were in their hey day. My favorite concert was seeing Tom Jones in Vegas, it was so much fun. I love going to the Greek or Hollywood Bowl. Oh wait my second fave was seeing Ben Harper in LA how could I forget that one?? Have a fun weekend!

  3. Definitely not the only JT stalker! My first concert was 'NSYNC. I convinced my parents to drive me and my best friend 10 hrs away to my aunt and uncle's house because the tickets were sold out closer to us. I saw them at every tour after that. I've also seen all of Justin's solo tours! Haha. Other concerts I've been to - New Kids on the Block (recently, not in their hey day...I'm still a fan), Britney Spears, LFO, Avril Lavigne,

    In case you couldn't tell, I was and still am a teeny bopper!

  4. Have a great time at Gaga! I hope you got lots of pics. I’m going to see her next month. That is so amazing that you got to dance on stage with Elton…wow. It must have been surreal.

    The best concert I have ever been to would have to be when I was front row at Prince. I’ve always been a huge fan and it was a wonderful experience. I would also have to say that seeing SafetySuit (my favorite band) in smaller venues a few times over the winter was really great and also getting to see the bands that I got to see on the VH1 Best Cruise ever.

    The last time I saw JT, he was still with N’Sync…lol. The first concert I ever went to was Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine that my mom drug me to when I was little ;) So embarrassing.

  5. How fun! My first concert was Paula Abdul!


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