Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nautical Outfit of the Week: Perfect Preppy Couple

I love this photo of EAS (of Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore) and her boyfriend, JCW. The photo was taken at the Inn at Perry Cabin, which is located in Maryland. The Inn at Perry Cabin is where the movie Wedding Crashers was filmed. EAS says it is such an amazing "nautical" place-I must visit!

Photo of the Inn:

(from website)


  1. What an adorable couple!! I love their outfits- and such a beautiful background!!

  2. Love the post! I want to go back to The Inn at Perry Cabin! xx

  3. So cute! That Inn looks amazing. Love EAS and her blog :)

  4. Love the picture EAS! You should frame this for the cooler months ahead--this just screams summer! :)

  5. I love The Inn at Perry Cabin! It's gorgeous!! You two look most adorable and really are the perfect preppy couple! So sweet!!!

  6. I grew up visiting Perry Cabin, I now live on Cape Cod, MA. Those "Nantucket Reds" are as synonymous with Nantucket as the Nantucket Basket she has. (see Murray's Toggery Nantucket, MA)


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