Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Letter Wall part 1

I stole this idea from my sister who saw it on a blog or in a magazine (not sure what the original source was). I already have a couple of letters from RH Baby and Child so it was easy to start my project. I debated whether I just wanted to do K or all of my initials (KJH). I decided to go with all three. (scroll down to see my work in progress)

Here are some examples I have seen online:

From Lisman Studios via Design Dazzle

From Organize and Decorate Everything

From Anita Kaushal/Happiness Itself

From Design is Mine

From Style Files

As you can see, I have two sets of letters so far (both from RH Baby and Child). I just ordered a couple of single letters-one floral, one Lilly fabric. I think it is fun to slowly "build" and expand!


  1. Love it! I want to do something like that by my desk!

  2. What a terrific idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I want to do a wall of H's (M's last initial). They have some great letters at Hobby Lobby!

  4. What a fun way to decorate a wall! I love this! It would be uber cute to do in a baby's room with his or her first initial in all different styles.

  5. Love this!! Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  6. So cool! I love this - I may steal it too...

    --DC Prep


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