Monday, December 6, 2010

How to store & display headbands!

When I look at my Statcounter, this is the most common search that brings people to this blog! There are SO many fun, creative ways to display and store headbands. I first saw the vase idea at J.Crew. They used a huge, clear vase and I LOVED how it looked! You can also just throw your headbands into a cute basket or put them on a bolster. Modern Sewing Originals has a bunch of cute bolsters here. If you are feeling crafty, make your own bolster using your favorite fabric and a roll of paper towels! Here is an example of headbands on a bolster:

Here are photos of how I organize my headbands:

Basket (from Pink Cupcake):

Vase (this one is from clearance section of Homegoods):

From TJ Maxx (need to add a few more skinny headbands to this one):


  1. Woah that is a lot of headbands! I love the idea of using a vase to store headbands. It looks so pretty that way. Also, I have that same pink and green whale frame from your last picture!

  2. Your headbands are so organized! Mine are thrown in a basket in the bathroom cabinet and sometimes I forget I have certain ones.

  3. I envy your headband collection, you have some adorable ones!! I've never really thought to do the vase like JCrew but that's a great idea! Right now I just have them in the bottom drawer of a little thing I have on the bookshelf and they do NOT fit hahaha

  4. You have such a great collection!

  5. You have quite a collection. A friend hangs her headbands as art in her bathroom. She used little nails and just hooks the individual headbands on each one.

  6. I love the idea of using a vase! I'm totally going to do that!

  7. Oh, how I love headbands! I just love your blog! :) You can check out mine, I jsut started today so there isn't much! :)


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