Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy for Critters (part 1)

When the weather gets warm...

time to bring out the critter shorts (and skirts)! Here's part one of my collection:

Seersucker anchor shorts from. J.Crew:

Vineyard Vines whale skirt (this is corduroy):

Anchor shorts from J.Crew:

Whale shorts from J.Crew (those whales are actually pink):

Anchor shorts
from LL Bean:


  1. Oh, this makes me miss the old J. crew! I pulled all my Lilly out not too long ago. Yay for spring!!

  2. I cannot wait until it is warm enough in Ohio to wear my critter shorts!

  3. I agree, I miss old J Crew. Great collection! :)

  4. I wish they were still selling those anchor shorts at j.crew! I have the blue version and I think yours are just as cute!

  5. So happy that shorts season is coming back...I love that first pair with the anchors from J.Crew! You have a lovely collection :)

  6. I have those same navy and pink whale shorts from JCrew, and the matching flip flops! My son has the biggest collection of critter shorts though. I can't help myself and buy them for him all the time.

  7. They are all just darling Miss nautical, I will never grow tired of critters. :)

    Smiles at you,

  8. Those are all darling! Oh, how I long for the days of J. Crew and critters!

  9. I miss the old Jcrew after seeing these :(

  10. Lovely! I miss the critters. :( I was trying to find some the other day, I want some flip flops!

    I got some really great seersucker shorts from Castaway Clothing that have lobsters on them!

  11. Wahhh I miss old J. Crew too!!! Love em. Look forward to part 2.

  12. Hi there! I'm sorry I've been away for approximately 1,002 years.

    This post warms my heart; I just bought Master P his first critter shorts (blue seersucker with blue whales). It's warm enough here that my mini-prep will be debuting the shorts tomorrow, hurrah!

  13. They're all so cute! I have an obsession with anchors and i've been trying to find shorts with anchors on them!


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