Thursday, December 15, 2011

My (mostly) Nautical Christmas Tree

My mini tree is way too small for my growing collection of nautical ornaments! Next year I will be switching to something bigger (and probably a green tree). Most of the ornaments are nautical but I had to throw in a few elephants (and a Lilly shift and some adorable wellies I saw on Belle on Heels). The sailboats are from Crate & Barrel (sold as a set last year). I tried to include links to ornaments that are currently available (many are no longer available).

Silver whale (Anthropologie), blue knit whale (Anthropologie), anchor picture frame (the Dahl House):

Mermaid (Red Barn Mercantile), seahorse (Jonathan Adler):

Shift dress (Lilly Pulitzer), nautical nutcracker (Target), blue glass whale (Crate & Barrel), anchor sweater (Lands' End):

Closeup of nutcracker:

Wellies (Target):

Jeweled elephant (can't remember where it's from), the other two elephants are both Jonathan Adler (this year's here):

Did you decorate a tree? Do you like having a theme or just choose your favorite ornaments? If you have a nautical tree please send me photos and I'll post it on the blog!

Miss Janice did a wonderful Parade of Christmas trees post (you'll see my little pink tree). I just love looking at all of the beautiful trees. I definitely have inspiration for next year already!


  1. Your tree looks fabulous!! I love the nautical and pink together! You should def. keep the pink tree.

  2. So adorable!! And very you :) Wish I had thought to theme my little tree!

  3. A nautical tree would be so fun!!! Can't wait to do that when I have my own house.

  4. Love them!! I need a seahorse ornament really bad! and I want a sea urchin. I was going to post my nautical tree soon too!

  5. Your ornaments are all darling! Love the wellies and Lilly shift ornaments.

  6. 1. I love that you have a PINK tree!
    2. Your sailboat ornaments are gorgeous. We have a few blue/white ones that I'll have to dig up!
    3. I still can't get over the pink tree. I want one!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


  7. This has to be the most original tree I have seen! I love seahorses - beautiful piece.

  8. You've got some really sweet ornaments!! I'm going to share this on my FB. Lovely.


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