Monday, May 13, 2013

What's in my beach bag?

I just got back from a week at the beach/pool and I thought I would share my beach/pool bag essentials. Nothing ground breaking but I like seeing what other people bring along. I assume you are already wearing sandals/flip flops and sunglasses! For this trip I used my Forever 21 anchor bag that was easy to pack flat in my suitcase and zips (I will only use zip bags for the beach and pool-nothing falls out, no sand gets in, etc). Normally I use a Vineyard Vines tote but I didn't want to get my clean Kentucky Derby tote dirty on this trip.

Nautical by Nature: Beach Bag Essentials

Water! I think that's a given but I never forget to stay hydrated if I am going to be in the sun. I use a
Snacks: I always have snacks with me. Maybe it's the nanny in me? I don't want to be starving or searching for food. I love these Annie's fruit snacks or a granola bar
Sunscreen: Number 1 thing! I put on moisturizer with sunscreen every morning, rain or shine! When I go to the beach or pool I use the Neutragena UltraSheer dry touch sunblock because it isn't greasy, doesn't make me break out, and just feels good on my face. I am looking for a new sunscreen for my body though. I would prefer something with a low number on the EWG site if possible (they haven't released the 2013 results yet). SPF 30 or 45. Any recommendations?
Chapstick with SPF: I love Nivea Lip Care A Kiss Of Moisture
Gossip magazines
Ipod (or iphone) for music
Hat: I have a Marley Lilly monogrammed baseball hat
Cute coverup: I have several coverups. I have a striped one from Vineyard Vines that is my go to. I love this Vineyard Vines whale tail tunic
A good book: Lots of bloggers have recommended The Fault in Our Stars so that is what I brought for this trip
I also bring my wet swimsuit bag if I am going to be in the water at all

What's in your beach bag? What should I add to mine?


  1. I'm off for two weeks at the beach in a few weeks, and I'm already planning my bag necessities. I always have some good reads (usually magazines), my iPhone, earbuds, sunscreen, sunscreen chap stick, and I just came across this handy drink holder for the sand. Beach bag packing is so fun :)


  2. Oh I love this post! Having snacks is always a good idea!

  3. I love anything Annies! I don't feel so bad about snacking when I eat their stuff. Also love that tunic, of course!

  4. Your contents look a lot like mine. Only lots of water torpedoes because I have boys! Neutrogena sunscreen is my absolute favorite. And I have to have a book and a good magazine at all times. I have several monogrammed ball hats. I just need a new beach bag. Yours is so cute!

  5. I like your list here, you just reminded me to add a bag for that wet suit, very clever!

    I use a Lands End zip top tote when it's just me but when it's the hubs and the dogs then it gets crazy, still trying to figure that out. My husband likes using a plastic bin and keeping some of our stuff in the car like towels and dog balls etc.

  6. How did you like the book? Not exactly a beach read, huh? I have never heard of EWG's sunscreen guide! I'm going to go read up!

  7. Amen to Neutrogena sunscreen. Simply the best.


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