Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Must: Outdoor Movies

Have you ever been to movies in the park or something similar in your city? Last week I went to see Risky Business at the Oscars Outdoors in Hollywood with my stepmom and cousin. Some of the cast and crew were there to do a Q and A before the movie. My stepmom knows the director's daughter so it was fun to hear him talk. Plus they showed an alternate ending.

Then this past Saturday night I went to see Mean Girls in West Hollywood through Street Food Cinema. Street Food Cinema is definitely more about the food-there were about ten food trucks! I had fried macaroni and cheese balls and fries from the Fry Girl and an ice cream sandwich from the Paradise Truck. Go big or go home I say!
With Kathrin and Leeann at Mean Girls

Next month I will be going to Troop Beverly Hills downtown at Grand Park.

You can also host your own backyard movie party!
Here are some ideas and tips:
Pottery Barn
Apartment Therapy
Craft, Interrupted


  1. So fun!! I want to go again. I'll look into it :) I've never seen Risky Business.

  2. I wish we had something like that here in NC. The only time I've ever seen movies outside like that was at someone's home. Nothing that exciting!

  3. I cannot believe I have never done this. Definitely will do a back yard one though now that my back yard is done!

    1. You should have a dive in one in your pool! I don't know if they still have it but the W hotel in Westwood used to have a movie by the pool. You sit/float in the pool and watch.

  4. These are great!! there are so many options out there I have never heard of! My boyfienda and I stupidly attemepted to go to the movie at BrentwoodMart, I love Marry Poppins, but it did not work out! Cant wait to try some of these!!

  5. Street Food Cinema sounds awesome! We have something similar here in Charleston and there are even movies on the beach sometimes. Outdoor events are definitely one of the reasons why I love living in the South.

  6. So fun. I love outdoor movies. My dad frequently sets up a white sheet and projector at the beach to watch outdoor movies. Movies are much better outside :)

  7. I love movies in the park! I saw Bring It On the last time I went. Ours just have booths though, not a ton of food trucks. So fun!


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