Saturday, September 28, 2013

Preschool Lunches Weeks 1 and 2

I finally uploaded the photos I have been taking of H's lunches. I started out using the Pottery Barn Kids storage containers and still really like them (easy to open, dishwasher safe, etc). But one day about a month into school I did an early pick up and the kids were still eating. When each child has multiple containers for their food it makes a LOT of stuff for the teachers (and kids) to keep track of. Everything of H's is labeled with his name (each lid and container) but it was just kind of chaotic when the kids were asking for help opening things and putting things back in the lunchbox. So I switched to EasyLunchboxes. They come in a set of four. One lid, three sections, dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. Plus I really like that just opening one lid he can see everything he has. Anything he doesn't eat is sent back home so I now have a pretty good idea of what he will eat and how much he will eat. His school is nut free so we use sunflower butter instead of peanut butter.

I roast vegetables in the beginning of the week in big batches (always broccoli and usually carrots too) and then keep them in the fridge labeled with the name and date. Easy to just put one serving into his box each morning (minus Monday which is when I usually go to the store). I also try to make healthy-ish muffins each week to have for breakfast, snack, lunch, etc. I keep half out in a bag and then freeze the other half. See below for those recipes.

Not pictured: one day a week I do either Trader Joe's chicken nuggets or Annie's macaroni and cheese in a thermos. I make it right before we leave for school and it stays warm in the Foogo thermos (for up to 5 hours). They have a microwave in the classroom but H says the food is warm enough to eat without heating it up again.

The first photo is using the PBKids containers, the rest are EasyLunchboxes

Grilled cheese with spinach (I just cut up a few pieces of baby spinach so he's getting used to "green" in his sandwiches/food), broccoli, banana

deli meat and cheese tortilla roll up, spinach cake mini muffin, peach

quesadilla, carrot coins, peach

hummus sandwiches, cheese and crackers (he didn't eat the cheese), peach

Sunflower butter and banana bites (banana dog bites), freeze dried mango, snap pea crisps

snap pea crisps, blueberries and raspberries, hummus sandwich

Deli meat and cheese tortilla roll ups, broccoli, raspberries
Sunflower butter bran muffins were AMAZING! H had these in his lunch on days I wasn't there in the morning. I had them and the parents had them too.

Spinach cake mini muffins are delicious. You can't taste the spinach. They are sweetened with applesauce (unsweetened kind) and vanilla.


  1. Yummy those all sounds good! Is it bad that I want to try some of these pre-school lunches for my non pre-school self?? :) I might try some of those little muffins too!

  2. Very cute lunches! I didn't know you had a kid!! :)
    So glad I won your giveaway. Finally got it and it is so cute.

  3. Such great ideas! And I'm super impressed that he will eat the broccoli daily. Great job!!


  4. You are putting us to shame with those lunches :) Very cute ideas!

  5. yup...gonna start paying you to make my school lunches too. (also...those wrap pins/clips/whatever they are are AMAZING)

  6. H's parents are SO lucky that you care for H. His lunches are so inventive and nutritious.

  7. I was going to do a post about kid's food and this just helps so much! It is so great to get other ideas what to feed the pickiest eaters!

  8. These are great. We eat a lot of the same things for lunch, but I need to get better at sneaking in green stuff. For some reason lunch is the the hardest meal for me to plan. I feel like they get burned out of the same old stuff. Thanks for sharing!


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