Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lemon and Line Boat Bag

Lemon and Line

I have posted about Lemon & Line nautical bracelets many times before. Now Lemon & Line has introduced their Boat Bag.

Lemon & Line Boat Bag

"A nautical twist on the traditional canvas tote. Heavy weight natural canvas paired with a navy waxed canvas bottom & lip." 
The Boat Bag features: solid brass snap closure and grommets, marine grade double braid line handles (to match your Lemon & Line bracelet), anchor fabric lining, and three interior pockets (absolutely essential in my opinion). Best of all the Boat Bag is made in America!

Lemon & Line Boat Bag

Lemon & Line Boat Bag
Anchor fabric lining

Lemon & Line Boat Bag
Marine grade double braid line handles


  1. That tote is really great!


  2. That bag looks so great! I wonder how it'll hold up against VV and the likes.

    Hope you're having a great day!
    - Sarah

  3. So awesome, I love the straps!


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