Friday, January 24, 2014

WBTV's Night of Comedy

Why yes, I do find something nautical every where I go! See the ships on the left?

Wednesday night Leeann and I went to iPic Theaters in Pasadena for a comedy night put on by Warner Brothers. The event was specifically for the TCA Press Tour (side note: I really really wanted to intern for Kristin of E! in college but you had to have a relevant major and psychology wasn't on the list). Warner Brothers put on a comedy night for critics to view some of the newer shows they have. Just in case you couldn't tell from my TV posts (I just talked about Reign yesterday!) I LOVE TV so I am always thrilled to attend these events.

My fancy pass

Due to lovely LA traffic I missed the beginning of the event which was a screening of episode 3 of Undateable and a Q&A with the cast and producers/writers. I did see a screening of the pilot episode later in the night though. Undateable is about a self-proclaimed player (Whitney's Chris D'Elia) teaching his dating tips to a group of friends that includes his new roommate. He calls them "The Undateables." The producers of the show scouted local comedy clubs during the casting. Most of the cast members already knew each other through the standup world prior to the series. I thought it was very funny. Leeann and I were both laughing. Undateable will be premiering on NBC soon!

With the flash I looked possessed so I'm going with this darker (more flattering) photo

I arrived just in time for a screening of Mom and then a Q&A with stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney. I have to admit I am a huge Anna Faris fan (The Hot Chick is one of my favorite movies-totally underrated!). I thought they had great chemistry in person and everyone had a good laugh about Allison Janney being a great grandmother on the show! Mom airs Monday nights on CBS at 9:30 ET/PT.
The tater tots were delicious!

Allison and Anna

After the Mom Q&A there was a short break and then the guys of Undateable did some stand up comedy. I was laughing so hard the whole time, especially during Ron Funches'. Very very funny guys. I was nervous to sit in the front (they always call out people in the audience!) but I am glad we did. I think Leeann and I both had crushes on Brent Morin by the end of the night. He's really cute and charming in person.
The guys of Undateable

After the stand up comedy we had dessert. A bunch of fancy popsicles (which Leeann tried) and a make your own ice cream sundae (which I had). They aired a second episode, the pilot, of Undateable after so I was glad I got to see it after missing the previous one they showed.
At iPic Theaters your seat reclines, each chair has a pillow and blanket, and there's waiter service!
What a fun night doing what I love to do! As soon as they announce the air date for Undateable I will be adding it to my DVR. Thank you Warner Brothers for letting me sneak in with the TV critics!


  1. So much fun! I can't wait for Undateable to premier on TV, I know I'm really going to like it. We need to go back to that theater for a movie!

  2. Such an awesome event! I'm so jealous. I already have a crush on Chris D'Elia, so I'm excited to see that new show, especially if you have a crush on another guy from it!

    1. I just hope the other episodes are funny AND it doesn't get canceled!

  3. Undateable looked so funny! I look forward to watching it. Also, that movie theater looks amazing!

    1. I hope the rest of the episodes are just as funny.

      The move theater was amazing-blankets, reclining chairs, and waiter service! It's pretty expensive though. Definitely not for weekly movies! We have another "dine in" move theater a bit closer to me and it's not as fancy but you still get the reclining chairs and waiter service.

  4. This sounds awesome! If you got to meet Allison Janney I am going to be forever jealous. The West Wing is my absolute favourite show and she is simply hilarious!

    1. I didn't get to meet her but I did get to hear her talk at the q&a part. She seems like a great woman-very very funny and down to earth!


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