Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best Sailing Movies

Here is a list I came up with. I haven't seen most of the older movies so I would love to hear what you thought of these if you have seen them. What other sailing movies should I add to my must see list?

First I must share this clip from What About Bob. This "sailing" scene just makes me laugh

Charlie St. Cloud
source Photo Credit: Diyah Pera - © 2010 Universal Pictures

I posted about this movie when it came out in 2010. I haven't rewatched it but I remember beautiful scenery, sailing scenes, and Zac Efron. What more could you ask for? ;)

All is Lost
Source Photo by Daniel Daza - © 2013 - Roadside Attractions
I saw this in the theater with my dad. There were some parts that were difficult to watch. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen. I'm still not sure what to think of the ending.

This is loosely based on the story of real life sailor and America's Cup skipper Dennis Conner. Conner lost the America's cup to the Australians in 1983

White Squall
Source Photo by Phil Bray - © 1996 Mistral Worldwide Co. Limited.
Young Scott Wolf and Balt Getty, above, on an "ill-fated sailing voyage" based on a true story

Master and Commander
Source 2003 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Universal Studios and Miramax Film Corp.
I didn't see this when it came out but the reviews are pretty good. I have heard it is pretty historically accurate. It stars Russell Crowe as British Captain Jack Aubrey and is set during the Napoleonic Wars

Captain Ron
Source Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images
A childhood favorite of mine, this comedy will definitely make you laugh!

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Source 2004 Touchstone Pictures
This is one of the only Wes Anderson movies I haven't seen. Like his other movies there is quite a cast which is enough to add it to my must watch list.

The Dove
Based on the photo above I think this is a movie I would love: romance at sea! This movie is based on the true story of a 16 year old that sets out to sail around the world alone on a 23 foot sloop named "The Dove". Of course he meets a girl and they fall in love.


  1. "What About Bob" was filmed on a lake in VA where my family has a home. Love this scene!

    1. No way! How fun. It is one of my favorite childhood movies. Such a funny movie!

  2. There are so many great scenes in movies that aren't sailing-oriented but have some poignant moments on sailboats - I'm thinking about "The Way We Were," "Thomas Crowne Affair," "Message in the Bottle," "Swiss Family Robinson," "The Talented Mr. Ripley"...I think that is all I can think of right now.
    But man, "Wind" is SO good. Back when America's Cup boats still looked like boats!
    Awesome post, Kate!

    1. Oh man-if I included movies with great sailing scenes we would be here for days! Thomas Crowne Affair is one of my favorites

      Wind and The Dove are next on my list

  3. OMG! I love White Squall. Preppy enough, but with some racy stuff and then add tragedy, kaboom, great movie. I have not seen everything on your list, but will be adding some to Netflix tonight. I think Wind will be on tap this weekend. Great post. Love the different take on nautical. Such fun!

    1. I have a staycation next week so I am going to try to get through the list!

  4. And there is also Maidentrip!!!!!!!


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