Friday, August 1, 2014

Staycation Recap

My staycation is coming to an end today (well I still have the weekend but today is my last week day off). I didn't have quite enough time to plan a trip and after my Pacific Northwest trip in the spring I was happy staying local. I kicked off the week with a free outdoor concert in Culver City last Thursday night. Lots of Beach Boys and oldies.

Culver City City Hall

Friday I went to the eye doctor and then saw Magic in the Moonlight. My goal for this staycation was to do a movie every day for the first four days. I ended up being able to do five days, five movies (!!!). After the movie I headed to my sister's to spend the afternoon/evening with my adorable nephews. This guy is already 6 months old and on the move (hence the blurry photo)

Saturday I went to see Wish I Was Here with my dad. We went to Nordstrom for lunch after and then I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at my apartment. I did go over to my mom's for a little bit before dinner to see Baby Nautical who was spending the night. I went back to my apartment when he went to sleep and I drafted blog posts, answered emails, and watched tv.

Sunday morning I went with my mom to take my nephew back to my sister's and then we went to see Chef. I had a couple of hours to relax at home before heading to the Hollywood Bowl. Nights at the Hollywood Bowl are a summer must.

Monday morning I ran errands (grocery store, Target, bringing the mail in at work, etc) and then went to see Maleficent. I ran more errands in the afternoon (Lululemon, returns to Gap and Old Navy, dry cleaners) then relaxed at home. I worked on the blog and answered more emails.

Tuesday I went to an early showing of Sex Tape before heading to my sister's at 1. I spent the afternoon with my nephews before Leeann came over for an early birthday dinner (her birthday is next week). Leeann slept over (I am glad I splurged on a fold out couch-I love having friends over) and we talked and talked and watched Pretty Little Liars and Chasing Life (CAPPIE is BACK!).

Wednesday morning my mom and I headed down to Coronado to see the Coastal Living showhouse on Coronado Island. I will be doing multiple blog posts on the house but here's a sneak peek.

Coastal Living showhouse Coronado Island
Table setting on the table outside

We then drove to Newport and checked into our hotel, The Newport Beach Marriott. It is the best location: right across the street from Fashion Island! We did some shopping, had dinner, and then watched They Came Together in our hotel room.

I slept in Thursday morning (8:30!), had breakfast, and then got back on the road. We stopped at Pottery Barn Kids and lunch at Island's on our way home. My sister and nephews were at my mom's all day Thursday while they are getting AC at their house so I saw the nephews and then I headed home to unpack. I went to get my eye makeup done at Blow n Go again before heading to the Roosevelt Hotel for a concert/fashion event (blog post to come).

Today, Friday, I am on a conference call for the blog, meeting a friend for coffee and then going to see Once at the Pantages theater.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will be going to the movies with my dad, relaxing at home, and then going out with friends. Sunday night I am going back to the Hollywood Bowl to see Hair.

WHAT A WEEK! This has been a great staycation- perfect mix of relaxing, knocking things off my to do list, seeing family, and going out.


  1. Wow for a staycation you've been busy! Glad you're having a good summer :)

    1. I would have liked a little bit more tv/relaxing time but I can always do that on the weekends ;)

  2. That looks like an awesome staycation!



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