Thursday, October 9, 2014

My birthday recap

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. It was nice having my birthday right in the middle of the week. It was something to look forward to after my San Francisco trip. I was supposed to go to Connie and Ted's Monday night for a birthday dinner with my mom, dad, and stepmom. But Vice President Biden was in town and the restaurant was right in the area police were saying to avoid. Instead we went to an Italian place nearby. It actually worked out well because I was tried from the trip and I didn't have to drive very far. I will be celebrating with my sister and nephews this weekend. I also start my GRE course. Fun way to celebrate a birthday ;)

They made me a donut "cake" at work. H did the candle placement.

I cannot resist donuts, especially if they are PINK!
While we devoured the donuts I opened cards and presents. After I dropped H at school I stopped at my mom's house, ran errands and did laundry. I met my dad for a quick lunch at BJs then went to the grocery store before picking H up. I may have had another donut after lunch ;) In the afternoon H had his music class and we got out more Halloween decorations.

After work I headed to my dad's for (mini)cupcakes with him and my stepmom.

I had a really quick dinner and then my friend picked me up for our 8 P.M. kickball game. We won (undefeated!) and then headed to a bar after for post-game birthday drinks. I left my phone in the car so you don't have to see photos of me sweaty and covered in dirt.

Balloons from H

The wrapping is almost too pretty to open! I am definitely saving this bag.


  1. happy birthday! that donut cake is too cute and what was in that BEAUTIFUL Tory Birch bag? :)

    1. Thank you!

      The bag is like a business tote if that's a thing? I can put my laptop in it

  2. Happy Birthday! I love the donut cake!


  3. Happy birthday!! Sounds like a great day (any day with doughnuts and cupcakes must be right?)!

    1. Thank you! And I agree! I started and ended the day with my favorite treats!

  4. EEEK but what was IN the giant TB bag?! Inquiring minds must know!

    Is it lame I want to know what H plays for music class? I love kids... :)

    1. My boss got me a really nice black bag. Kind of a businessy/grown up bag that will be perfect for grad school!

      It's just a preschool music class so they try multiple instruments each week


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