Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas recap

Christmas Eve day I went to an exercise class, finished last minute shopping and wrapping (I always procrastinate during the holidays) and then headed to my dad's. Christmas Eve is spent at my dad and stepmom's. My sister, brother in law, and their two kids also came over. My other sister had to stay in Charleston and work (residency life I guess). We opened presents and had a delicious dinner.

My stepmom's decorations

I absolutely LOVE this lace dress from Boden! The dress is now on sale for less than $100 ($91!). I also wore it to my dad's birthday dinner earlier in the week

Very early Christmas morning (like 2 AM early) a crazy wind storm came through. Between the noise and the power going out multiple times I barely slept. Luckily the power did come back on and I was able to go over to my mom's bright and early to open presents with my nephews, sister, and brother in law. My mom made popovers which has been our family tradition for years and years. My grandma also came over for breakfast. Unfortunately I forgot my phone back at my apartment so no photos from Christmas morning.

Penguins at my mom's

The boys went back to their house for naps and I went to see Into the Woods with my dad and stepmom. I really liked it! I had actually seen the theater version the week before and I was thankful that the movie wasn't as long! We used to do a movie all together Christmas Eve but with the addition of two kids going Christmas Day with just my parents made more sense.

After the movie was dinner at my sister and brother in law's house with my dad, stepmom, and mom. Another delicious meal and more time with these two cuties!

In their holiday best

I'm not a big fan of selfies but I think you get better smiles from kids when they can see themselves
This guy will be one next month (!) and is walking all over the place!

I was supposed to work the day after Christmas but I got an email from my boss saying I didn't need to come in. I took myself to see Top Five, went to an exercise class, and then watched movies at my apartment. Perfect day after Christmas!

I hope your holiday season has been filled with love and happiness!


  1. I love Boden! That is a great dress! Glad you had a great Christmas:)

    1. I'm hoping to do another Boden giveaway soon! I love them

  2. Such cuties! And that IS a great dress.

    1. Thank you! I tried to buy it in black too but it sold out as soon as it went on sale

  3. I love the dress you wore for Christmas! Happy to hear you had a great Christmas!



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