Thursday, January 22, 2015

Destination Nautical: Santa Barbara

I've been to Santa Barbara many times as a child with my family and then in college to visit a high school friend. I haven't been back in several years-I am definitely ready for my next trip! Here's what I have on my itinerary for 36 hours in Santa Barbara. 

Destination Nautical: Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
To do
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum | This is where reader Tiffany had her wedding reception! See photos of her nautical wedding here
Urban Wine Trail | Over 20 wineries, most within walking distance of downtown. Deep Sea Tasting Room sounds pretty nautical to me!
Santa Barbara Courthouse
Lil' Toot, water taxi | "Running from noon until sunset every half hour, Santa Barbara’s original waterfront taxi shuttles both visitors and locals continuously between the Santa Barbara Harbor and Stearns Wharf"

Destination Nautical: Santa Barbara lil toot
Lil' Toot

c'est cheese | My next trip I will be checking this place out. I would eat cheese and crackers, cheese and bread, or just straight up cheese for every meal if I could!
Freebirds | Before there was Chipotle there was Freebirds. You will not be disappointed!
Brophy Brothers
Beachbreak Cafe | chocolate chip pancakes. Enough said.

Splurge: Beach cottage (as seen in Coastal Living) | Harbor View Inn
Save: Blue Sands Motel | Castillo Inn at the Beach

Destination Nautical: Santa Barbara
Beach cottage


  1. I could live by the water! That looks like such a beautiful place!


    1. Santa Barbara is beautiful. I wish I could visit more often!

  2. My mom lives there! It is a wonderful place. I recommend The Boathouse for a delicious seafood dinner and amazing sunset views. It's out by Arroyo Burro/Hendry's beach, you'll need a car.

    1. The Boathouse sounds like a place I would like! Thank you for the recommendation!


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