Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wet Bathing Suit Bags from Hayden Reis

I always travel with my wet bathing suit bag if there's a chance I might go swimming. I just used it on our trip to Legoland because we went from rides to the water park and then back over to Legoland. I didn't want to walk around in my wet bathing suit! I have the navy anchor beach bud bag from Hayden Reis and I was able to fit my bathing suit and my boss's inside. I also take the bag with me to the pool when I go with H. I can just throw the bathing suit bag into my tote and I don't have to worry about anything getting wet. The Hayden Reis beach bud bags are water resistant. Each bag is $34.

* this post contains affiliate links. I bought my own bag 

Nautical by Nature | Beach bud bags from Hayden Reis

Teal with pink flamingo beach bud bag | Floral tankini, J.Crew Factory, $35 | Floral bottom, J.Crew Factory, $23


  1. I think I need a wet bathing suit bag! That is such a handy thing to have, especially on trips!


    1. I definitely recommend getting one. They are great for on the go-if you don't have a place to dry your bathing suit or have to change quickly.

  2. Just got a wet bathing suit bag for Ben this summer pool days and I think I need one for myself. Adore the anchor one!

    1. I think they are essential with kids at the pool. Easy and convenient!


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