Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cananda Trip Recap: Toronto

Easter morning we headed to the Quebec City airport early and flew to Toronto. It was snowing when we arrived in Toronto. We checked into our hotel and then walked to a very late Easter brunch at Montecito. We stayed at the Hilton downtown thanks to points from our mom (YAY!) but on a Sunday that is also a holiday there wasn't much open (at all). Thankfully my sister found Montecito and I am glad she did! There was a huge buffet and the restaurant was really fun-it is co-owned by Ivan Reitman so there are behind the scene photos from all of his movies on the walls.

View of downtown from Casa Loma

After a long, relaxing meal (so cozy watching the snow falling outside) we just stayed in our hotel room. Like I said, almost everything was closed since it was Easter. I was happy to spend a snowy Sunday relaxing! We ordered room service for dinner, watched movies on TV, and finalized what we wanted to do in Toronto.

We woke up early Monday morning, had breakfast, and then took the subway to Casa Loma. Casa Loma was at the top of my Toronto list. We took advantage of the sun being out but don't be fooled-still really cold out! We coat checked our heavier jackets during our visit to Casa Loma. There is only one photo of me outside Casa Loma and I am squinting because of the sun while also almost frozen/looking very cold. Casa Loma is just gorgeous. I can't imagine how beautiful it must be in spring with all of the flowers/gardens! You can even have your wedding at Casa Loma!

warm inside The Conservatory, steam pipes kept the flower beds warm in the winter.

We walked to lunch (ahh sunshine!) and ate at Queen Margherita Pizza. Another great meal and charming restaurant. After lunch we walked around Kensington Market. So many cute stores! I especially loved Good Egg and Bungalow. The clouds started rolling in so we grabbed a snack at Milk Bar, which was right across from our hotel. After a quick break in our room the sun was out again so we walked to the CN Tower.
Glass floor at 342m (1,122 ft.). My sister is afraid of heights-she wouldn't even step onto this!

View from the lookout

We walked around downtown and then back to our hotel before dinner. We ate at Drake One Fifty. Let me just say that wow, I forgot what it is like being in the cold again. I was so thankful that the restaurant was just around the corner! We both really liked this place. Awesome art on the walls and the food was delicious.

The next day we took the subway to Yorkville to walk around and do some (window) shopping. I would move into Teatro Verde if I could! Such a cute store! No photography allowed inside but there was a whole section of nautical!

We took the subway back downtown to check out of our hotel and then walked to lunch at Terroni. I had no idea there is a location in LA too. It was packed for lunch! After lunch we walked over to St. Lawrence Market and had planned on trying to make it to the distillery district. Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to head to the airport.

There is still so much I want to see in each of the places we visited. I definitely want to go back (preferably in warmer weather ;) The colder, snowy weather was the perfect excuse to just relax with my sister. It was a vacation after all! It was hard to say goodbye in the airport but I hope to visit her in Charleston again soon!

Hotel: Hilton
Restaurants: Montecito | Queen Margherita Pizza | Drake One Fifty | Terroni
Sightseeing: Casa Loma | Kensington Market | CN Tower | St. Lawrence Market


  1. I did not know Canada had such beautiful buildings! It sounds like you had a lovely trip!


  2. Must do's for when you back: shopping on Queen Street West, an afternoon in Trinity Bellwoods Park, and some brewery tours/a visit to the distillery district. I'm glad you got to see The Drake though. Sounds like you had a great trip!

    1. I really wish I had had more time in Toronto. It was poor planning to come in on Easter Sunday but it was nice to have that day for relaxing I guess :)

      We had planned on walking to the distillery district our final day but we didn't have enough time. Next trip!


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