Friday, June 19, 2015

Headed to The Beach

Long Beach that is! Choosing a graduate school was really really tough. I made a pretty lengthy pro con list (tuition, location, cost of living, faculty, internships, etc). I decided I wanted to stay in California so that narrowed down my options from three to two. I then visited both schools. There were things I really liked about the other school but I think Cal State Long Beach will be the best fit. I registered and paid for classes (!) already. I know that I will no longer be working full time once classes start. Otherwise there's still a lot to figure out. The biggest things I'm thinking about right now: where I will live (commute or move) and what to do about my job (part time or leave).

For now I am enjoying my summer with H. He graduated pre-k this month and we've been going on outings almost every day- The Discovery Cube, zoo, Getty. It is absolutely bittersweet that my time as a full time nanny is ending. But I am excited to go back to school and begin my next adventure.

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