Monday, August 10, 2015

(Grad) School Supplies

I have just two weeks until my graduate school classes begin! I am beginning to gather my supplies (!). There were a few things I wanted to have before classes start but otherwise I am waiting for school to start to buy anything more. Here's what I have already:

Laptop sleeve, Herschel Supply Co , $40 I really wanted the navy with red hearts but it is only available in 11" or 15".  I do like the chambray a lot though so I think I am going to order it

Nautical page flags, Amy Ruth Designs, $5 These are greats for notes, planner, books, etc. The critter ones are super cute too.

Sailboat spiral notebook and matching folders, Amy Ruth Designs, $12

Agenda, Lilly Pulitzer, $22 Nothing says new school year more than a new planner! I have always preferred a paper planner/calendar

New laptop! I got the MacBook Air 13". This was my big splurge. My beloved pink Dell stopped working completely this summer. For the past year or so it had to be plugged in at all times but then it just stopped keeping a charge at all. I've never had a Mac but I wanted something light weight with a better battery life and no pesky viruses. I am still getting used to it but so far I like it! I can get Microsoft Office for free through school so that's really nice (and something I had worried about going Mac).


  1. Congrats on grad school and your new Mac, Kate!!! I got a Mac when I started college and it's definitely a game changer!
    xx Tia |

  2. Congrats on grad school! Love all of your picks and Amy Ruth always has such cute designs!



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