Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Recent Purchases

I have been slowly going through my closet and finding things I rarely or never wear, that aren't practical now that I am back in LA, etc. I also want to have more pieces that I can wear to meetings/interviews or in an office setting now that I am back in school and moving toward a non-nanny job post-graduation.
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Mollie jacquard dress in blue, Boden (now $88, use code 4H7Y for 25% off)
I couldn't decide if I wanted the black or blue. I ended up getting the blue and I really love the color!
Hard to tell in the photo but the dots are super cute 

Vince Camuto peter pan blouse, Nordstrom Rack, $40
A few weeks ago one of my classes met at a local restaurant in Long Beach and I had some time to shop before dinner. This top caught my eye. I got the rose color but I really liked the black and white too. I can wear this with black pants and a cardigan for a more professional look, with jeans for a more casual look.

New Balance for J.Crew 620 sneakers*, $85
Pricey but the colors are so pretty and I have been looking for an alternative every day tennis shoe with more color than my converse

* I have always called this kind of shoe tennis shoes. Growing up I never said sneakers. Apparently this is location based? Do you call them sneakers or tennis shoes?


  1. Ooohhhh! I just love anything and everything Boden creates! :) And those sneakers are lovely. They may just end up on my Christmas list!

  2. Gosh those New Balance are classic. I'd check out eBay or Etsy as an alternative! Even my brother has an ancient pair that look jus like those and they are the best.

  3. So true about sneakers vs. tennis shoes - I've always called them tennis shoes and I live in VA!

  4. I had to learn to say sneakers; I said "tennies" growing up in LA, but I suspect I got that from my mother?
    That dress will look great on you! Good luck with the job search.

  5. I have had my eye on those shoes...



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