Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Broad and Undateable filming

Last Friday I decided to take the afternoon off work for an adventure downtown with Leeann. I went into work at 7:30, took H to school, ran errands, walked the dog, and then headed downtown to The Broad. The Broad is a brand new museum in downtown LA. It has been packed every day and advanced tickets are sold out until APRIL. We decided to brave the crowds and got in line just before opening. It took us about 1.5 hours to get in but we had a lot to catch up on so it went by pretty quickly. Once we got inside we headed straight for another line (ha! theme of the day) to put our names down for the Infinity Mirrored Room (our wait was predicted to be about 4 hours-as long as you have your ticket you can come and go. You don't have to wait in a physical line for all of that time). The Infinity Mirrored Room often books up quickly so we were just happy to have a time that worked with our schedule.

Can you spot us?

After we explored the museum we went to lunch at Blue Cow Kitchen. I was really hungry and devoured my delicious garlic fries so quickly! After lunch we headed back toward the museum with about 1.5 hours until our predicted infinity room time. I got ice cream and Leeann got coffee. Well, go figure-just as we sat down to enjoy our treats we got a text that we needed to get in line for the room within 10 minutes. HA! Threw out our treats (so sad) and headed inside. As we were waiting in line Martha Stewart (!) was brought to front with her group. No waiting in line for Martha! BUT she only got 45 seconds in the room, just like the rest of us.

water surrounds the platform

The room really was amazing. I took my photos within the first 5-10 seconds and then put my phone away and just took it all in. My photos really don't do it justice!

We then drove to Burbank to attend a live taping of Undateable. We both love the show and it was so fun to see it filmed live. It's kind of a free for all with lots of improvising. Weezer was the musical guest. They gave away scripts from the episode at the end.

I couldn't get a great photo of us in the audience but I did spot Leeann in this photo 


  1. That light room look amazing!!


  2. I looked for you two when I watched Undatable! I should have asked what you were wearing. What a fun day!


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