Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 things I'll miss about my apartment

In no particular order...

my view... I have floor to ceiling windows/glass doors in my living room. In the last few months I have spent a lot of time studying/reading/writing on my couch and looking outside.

Nautical by Nature | Nautical balcony

my storage... my current place has a linen closet, hall closet, and pretty big pantry in the kitchen. New place just has one closet BUT it is much bigger than my current main closet so there's that

Nautical by Nature: Organizing: Cleaning Closet

my pool... I didn't use it often but it was nice to have the option, especially in the summer!

location...  I am moving under 2 miles away so there isn't much of a difference. But it does add a few minutes to my commute to work and school thanks to wonderful LA traffic. I hate to complain because I have been so spoiled by my current commute to work (under 10 minutes!) but traffic is traffic and it's not fun! However, I will no longer have to enter/exit my drive way/parking garage on a really busy street. That's huge!

the general feeling... From the moment I moved in, this apartment has felt like home. I have spent four years in this apartment. I feel safe and cozy and at home here. I hosted several parties and sleepovers here. So many memories! But I am ready for a change and this move is giving me the best opportunity to downsize. Plus I know I am going to LOVE my new place too!

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