Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My monogrammed badge reel for work:

It is from The Palm Gifts and lucky for you, they are on sale for $10!


  1. that is so cute! We don't wear badges here, but if we did I would totally buy one.

    Where did you get it? I bet my mom would like one for her volunteer badge.

  2. oh nevermind. I just read the rest of the post.

    HAHA! The picture was so cute I stopped reading.

  3. I love it! Great find, I'm ordering one now! :)

  4. so cute! i definitely need one for work next year. where is it from?

  5. Oohh I love that badge clip! So cute! If I got to wear a badge I'd have one of those for sure.

  6. That is unbelievably awesome. I want one for my hospital volunteer badge!

  7. You'll have to check out all of our fabrics! You can design your own!
    Thanks Nautical by Nature!

    Let's do a giveaway! Email me NbN at if you are interested :)

    Thanks a bunch!
    Rebecca Stickels, Owner
    The Palm Gifts, Inc.


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