Monday, November 10, 2008


I am officially making Mondays "Gossip Girl" day! Today: a video and recent fashion picks.

I love this Chuck ad featuring Britney Spears' new song "Womanizer"

One of my new favorite dresses:
(Temperley London Zola Mini Dress)

(for a better view of it on Blair check it out here)

Bill Blass "Flamenco backless blouse": (appears to be sold out)

(Apparently they modified the blouse for the show to make it more backless)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Scribble Houndstooth Skirt (apparently only at Barney's? Will look for it online):

Blair also wore a pink plaid Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt that can be found here

And lastly the infamous big black bow headband insulted in the Yale episode:


  1. hooray for GG Mondays! i'm obsessed with GG fashion, so i'm glad someone is going to document it for me...i also ADORE that tl dress. fabulous for christmas parties.

  2. What a great idea! I, too, love GG and this is an awesome post! The dress is to die for and that blouse is stunning, it will be awesome for this year's holiday parties!

  3. "I hate that stupid headband!"

    Best show on TV.

  4. I love that headband, but sheesh $56.00 is quite a bit for a headband

  5. I heart all things
    Gossip Girl. Mmmhmm.

    And I loveeee the
    Chuck Bass/Britney
    video. So fabbb!

  6. I love Monday nights! I love the headband and just checked it out. I was planning on buying it until I saw the price. Ouch!

  7. For me, Mondays are GG&PC days (Gossip Girl AND pink champagne--they go together so well). Great pics, especially the ruffle blouse!

  8. Fabulous fabulous fabulous! Then I claim Tree Hill Tuesdays! So excited for tonight, I've been dieing to see Blair's ruffle top!

  9. OMG that video was awesome! Gossip Girl is such a great show and I'm finding myself more and more attracted to Chuck Bass... I wonder why that is... hmm.

  10. do you know how happy that chuck video just made me? sick i know...i just love love him and the whole THING he pulls off

  11. oh what a great idea to do GG mondays! i love that ruffled backless top on blair!!! thats an incredible look

  12. I am obsessed with that video as well!!

  13. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with that video and Chuck Bass <3

  14. I HAVE to have Blair's "bw" initials necklace...where can i find it?? and dont say alexis woo because ive seen that site and it is not the same, blair's wasnt stuck together. please help! thanks!!


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