Monday, July 27, 2009

The 2 Bandits

I saw these months ago but somehow the bookmark got lost in the shuffle (thankfully I reorganized ALL of my online bookmarks yesterday).

From the website:
"a pair of well crafted, adjustable fabric bands used to spruce up any pair of boots. an ingenious idea inspired by a love of music, style, and dancing".


They sold out of the elephant :(


  1. Oh dear, for half a second I misread that as "boobs" and did a serious double-take. O.o

    Also - awesome! Is it just me or do they sort of have a "Wonder Woman if she was preppy" feel? :-D Love the anchor ones.

  2. Thanks for the link! So cute! I just wish they had a plain banded bee.

  3. okay, I am going to absolutely have to get those- there is ntohing better than a pair of boots- or so I thought!


  4. Cute boots!! Love brown one!!

  5. Such a cute idea and I love the anchor bandit! These boots have me thinking of fall.

  6. Those are awesome! I may need to order some!


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