Monday, July 6, 2009

The Design Girl SALE!

Want a cute new look for your blog? The Design Girl's pre-made templates are on sale for $25 until tomorrow (7/7). Danielle will customize the header with your blog name and tag line. Here are two I love:

Pink Fleur de Lis (for all you Kappa bloggers!):

Pink and green option:

The Design Girl is also having a stationery sale for Nautical by Nature readers!

Here are the details:
All stationery is size A2, and will be sent to the customer as a printable PDF file via email. Your order can be printed at home, or by a local or online printing company. Once you have purchased your design you can print as many designs as you like!

Mention Nautical by Nature and get your design for $15!

Moving annoucements:

I love the beach/summer designs!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up!! xxxoo :)

  2. aw love that last one! So cute :)

  3. The Design Girl does some really cute things Miss Kate, lots of them!

  4. I'm too hands on, have to do it myself, but thx for the scoop. I do love her designs!(I made my new look, do you like it?)

    So how is it going back at home? After we rid ourselves of the clutter, we plan to redecorate my daughter's room. Always a fun project! In the meantime, my middle married daughter still has a bit of stuff here, but's that going asap. We need every inch of storage space. You have to be very discriminating when you live in a small house.
    Have you all finally settled in?

  5. How pretty! The last one is so cute!

  6. Just hired her to redo my yours!

  7. Those moving announcements are too fabulous!


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