Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nautical outfit of the week

Sent in by Natalie at Carolina Prep.

Natalie writes, "University of South Carolina's homecoming theme this year was 'Anchor's Away.' I knew we were in for some cute tshirts! As soon as I saw my sorority's tee I immediately thought of you!!"

The first picture is the front of both shirts, with the navy being her sorority's shirt and the white being USC's overall homecoming tee:

The next 2 are the backs of the shirts:


  1. YAY! GO CAROLINA! I go to USC too and Kappa's HC shirts were my favorite. I did a post about homecoming too and we incorporated the nautical flags into our banner. Some people didn't even know that nautical flags had meanings! Not to mention, Kappa did a great job in the festivities! Go Carolina Prep!

  2. so, i just got the candle in the mail today!!! thank you so much!!! it smells amazing :)

    btw, i LOVE these shirts

  3. omg! this is so up your alley! i love when i see all things nautical, you come to mine straight away!

  4. So fun!! Makes me want to be back to my college days to plan a fun nautical sorority event!

  5. Cute. I love this! I wish they would've made a nautical anchor shirt when I was in college! :o)
    I'm keeping my eye out for anchors for you!

  6. Love this!! This is so you. I wish we would have thought of a nautical theme for one of our soriety events when I was in college.

  7. i love it! shirts are like, one of the best parts of being in a sorority haha :)


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