Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nautical outfit of the week

As you have read before, I host a weekly TV night at my house on Mondays. This is what N wore last week.

T shirt: from our very nautical high school-N was on the robotics team and this was their t shirt
Sweatpants: Victoria's Secret (note the anchor on right side)

Reader submission time!
If you would like to share a nautical outfit you (or your friend, spouse, child, sorority, etc) have please email me as I would love to do a weekly nautical outfit post! My email is listed on my profile.


  1. It is SO funny that you wrote this - just yesterday one of my local retailers did a nautical features and I kept it to send to you!

  2. If only I had a photo of my HS band -- they wore Sailor suits! My friends in band hated them, but loved it -- probably b/c I wasn't in the band!

  3. I'm on it! I have just the picture. I will email it to you. Hope all is well in CA.

  4. Wondering what shows you watch on Your Monday Night TV night?

    XOXOXO Margaret


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