Friday, June 4, 2010

Ballard Designs: Inspired by the Sea

Swimsuit Prints:

Chair cushions:

Ocean Life Water Color Prints:

Ocean Treasures Prints:

Shell Wreath:

Natural Wonders Prints:

Maritime Pillow:


  1. Ahoy Mate, I love the last pillow!
    Enough said, or I will ramble about my love of all things nautical, including My Captain!

  2. It's funny, I saw these and your the first person I thought of. :)
    Have you seen the new Lilly Pulitzer dress with the giant anchor? Adorable

  3. Everything is cute. I especially love the ocean treasure prints :)

  4. Great finds! I just love nautical things... I want it all!

  5. Miss Kate! I have been following you on Twitter for eons and just realized I hadn't been following your blog! I am dying because some of my blogging besties including Miss Bumpkin your #1 commenter did not clue me in! She's wished the thigh voodoo on me before, now I am going to get her back, hee hee!! Anywhoo - love your sweet Ballard picks, and wishing you a glorious weekend. We'll be close friends soon, pinky promise. xox

  6. Great picks. I have a coupon at Ballards I've been dying to use.

  7. I love it all, now if I only had a beach house to put it in!

  8. LOVE LOVE those things. I so love beach things!!!

    new follower

  9. nice post, dear kate. I had not heard of this company before. I love the nature prints, so pretty, the swimsuits are a close second. Hope you got to head to the beach this weekend.

  10. Great shell wreath!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Di x


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