Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jessica Simpson Collection

Reader Ashley sent me an email about this cute dress and swimsuit. I had seen the luggage before but didn't realize the collection had other nautical pieces!

Sail Dot Dress:

Betty Sue Bikini (bottoms):

Lighthouse (purple and red) and sailboat (green and yellow) underwear:

Navy Stripe Ballet Slippers:

Anchor luggage(I saw this in person=so cute!):

(available in navy or red in multiple sizes)


  1. Loving that dress! I got the anchor luggage in navy and I am ob-sessed!

  2. Hi I just found your blog and am a fellow coastal lover too. Love your blog name Nautical by Nature!
    I'm seeing a lot of cute things around here :)
    Looking forward to following you :)

  3. love the bikini! I am obsessed with stripes, nautical ones of course!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love everything! The dress is so cute and so are the slippers. I would love to have that luggage.

  5. Very cute. I just love the dress. And Target actually has some adorable nautical undies right now.

  6. Love that suitcase!!! Jessica Simpson? Who knew?

  7. Love the dress and that luggage is adorable. I knew she did shoes but I didn't know she did clothes and luggage.

  8. Ahhhhhh, why can't I still wear bikinis. Waaaaaaaahhhhhh. That little pretty is adorable!

    p.s. Our blog has moved! We would love for you to visit us at our new site:
    Unfortunately, if you followed us with Google Friend Connect you'll have to re-follow but everything else is the same! Hugs, K

  9. i have the carry on anchor luggage...but i just it as a purse! it is soooo cute! i have gotten so many compliments on it! i found that AND the luggage at Marshall's!! my bag was only $25.00!!! luggage starts at $49.99 and goes up 10 dollars by size! what a steal! LOVE IT!!!

  10. I was just in Steinmart last week and saw the Jessica Simpson anchor bag. A little dif model than the one you show but it is really cute "in person".


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