Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nautical Gymboree!

ETA: Looks like a lot of these items went on sale. Huge 30% off sale at Gymboree now. Will try to update links.

Thanks to reader Heather for the tip!

Anchor shoes:

Sailboat tee:

Cape Cod tee:

Sailboat raincoat:


  1. if i could squeeze my feet into them...i would buy those shoes!

  2. If you have a bigger boy (like I do), check out the "Yacht Team" and "Crew Champions" lines. They are listed in the sale section now. Three items I really like: sailboat t-shirt (Item #140075113), rowing t-shirt (Item #140078055) and crew polo (Item #140078058).

  3. Those shoes and the cape cod tee are so adorable! I wish I had a baby boy to buy those for.

  4. These are all adorable, love the shoes! I don't have any children yet but it's still fun to look!


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