Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DC Trip Recap

I had such a fun time with my sister in DC. My sister is in medical school so it was easier for me to visit her. I took a bunch of photos of my sister's apartment. She has the cutest things. I wish she had more time to be my personal shopper! I'll be doing a separate post on her apartment next week.

Here's a recap of my trip:

Wednesday night:
Went for late night grilled cheese at Open City on the way home from the airport.

My sister made popovers for brunch. Then we went on a walk around the neighborhood and looked at houses in one of our favorite DC neighborhoods. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Ardeo Bardeo with our cousin (our stepmom's niece-technically our step cousin?). I missed our traditional Thanksgiving monkey bread but overall the meal was pretty good.

(my sister, me, my cousin)

After dinner my sister and I went to see Breaking Dawn. I only read the first book but I have seen all of the movies (I watched the Eclipse dvd on the plane to DC thanks to Amanda). I'm not really a fan of the movies. I liked the first book a lot but I was really put off by the casting of the Cullens in the movies. I just don't find them attractive (I think Edward, Bella and Jacob were cast perfectly though) and they are not how I pictured them at all!

We got bagels at Pumpernickels (I got chocolate chip with butter-YUM) and then headed to Friendship Heights for Black Friday. Our main targets were Bloomingdales and J.Crew. This Bloomingdales was a breeze compared to the one we usually go to in LA on Black Friday! There were open dressing rooms, lots of sales associates/registers, and the racks were organized and easy to browse. I got a winter white Milly bow dress that I can't wait to wear for Christmas. It was on clearance with an additional 40% off!

At J.Crew I got a striped top and heart sweater. Apparently the heart sweater sold out super fast in stores and online so I'm glad the store had my size.
Black Friday Shopping

We had lunch at Pete's Apizza just up the street. After we refueled we headed to Georgetown for some more shopping. I'm glad we chose to go to Friendship Heights first because Georgetown was a zoo! It was packed. The J.Crew was crazy busy and we didn't even attempt to go in. We went to just a few stores (Madewell, Jack Wills, Vineyard Vines, Paper Source, Sherman Pickey).

We relaxed at home for a bit (shopping seriously tires you out!) and headed to dinner at Otello. The pasta was delicious!!!

We met my cousin and her mom (my stepmom's sister) for brunch at Ted's Bulletin. I had the best chocolate chip pancakes. so good! Then my sister and I headed to Old Town Alexandria to do some exploring/shopping. You MUST visit Red Barn Mercantile if you are in the area. I found several presents for friends and family. Best of all they have a nautical Christmas tree! I got a mermaid ornament to add to my collection.

In my new blue Vineyard Vines shep shirt-yes, I loved it so much in pink that I bought it in blue too!

Closeup of nautical ornaments:

Saturday night we went to see the new George Clooney movie, The Descendants. I thought the actresses that played the two daughters did such a great job. This movie is sad but I definitely recommend seeing it. I also spotted our hotel from my trip with H to Kauai!

My sister made us waffles for breakfast. Then we went to the Degas exhibit at the Phillips Collection. We went to lunch at Matchbox (the pepperoni pizza is the BEST!) then I headed to the airport.

My sister is always a great hostess and she made sure to include all of my favorite things on our itinerary. I can't wait to visit again soon!


  1. Sounds like a great and busy time! The VV shirt looks great on you! I love the blue so I'm sure I would love the pink too :)

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip!! I would love to see that Milly dress sounds adorable!!

  3. Yay! Sounds great. :)

    I can't believe you saw Breaking Dawn before me when you don't even like the movies! :p (Hopefully I'll be seeing it this week or next!)

  4. Fun!!! Next time take me with you ;)

    Sounds like you really made the most of your trip!

  5. I love popovers! Looks like you had a great time!

  6. I live right outside of Old Town! It does have some of the best hidden stores in the area! Next time you'll have to try Decorium, its a magical store! I also love Hysteria for clothing!

  7. Sounds like a great visit! Thanksgiving monkeybread?! That's a tradition I might steal for Christmas.

  8. I LOVE DC/Georgetown!! I'm glad you had fun, your trip sounds amazing!! And Monkey Bread is one of my favorite "holiday" foods ever!!

  9. I love Old Town Alexandria! I love the nautical Christmas tree. The Shep shirt looks so comfy and that color is great!

  10. So, that's why you wanted a picture with the tree! : )

    I remember you and your sister. You were lovely. Thank you so much for coming in and the blog love. We really really appreciate it!


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