Friday, November 18, 2011

Reader Submissions: Nautical Shopping Finds

From Christen:
Tiffany & Co anchor necklace:

Anchor necklace (also available in silver):

From Drew (boyfriend of my friend N):
MNKR Dream hug (available as a sweatshirt, t shirt and tank):

MNKR Anchor drop (available as a sweatshirt or t shirt):

From Carol A:
Nautical Custom List Pads:

Anchor knobs:

From Kelly:
Boys' sweater:


  1. What fun finds! I have the Tiff anchor necklace and adore wearing it in the summer, but I may have to pick up some of those nautical notepads! :) Anything blue & navy with an anchor is a win.

  2. Geof actually got me the anchor necklace from T&CO when we were in Hawaii. It always reminds me of our trip there!

  3. oh. my. goodness. I just LOVE the first two necklaces, they are absolutely stunning!!

  4. That Tiffany necklace is really pretty. And I like those notepads, too!


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