Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apartment Tour: My Bathroom

Fridays this summer I will be linking up to do Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Home series (see schedule at bottom of post). Today: the bathroom!

In my last apartment and in my current apartment I have a sink outside of the bathroom and then a full bathroom. I use the separate sink area for all of my stuff and then I keep the bathroom clear for when I have guests/friends over.

View from the hallway (bedroom is on the right, closet and full bathroom on left)

I like having everything out-easy access! Vineyard Vines toiletry bag (use this when I travel), pink and white tray from Target, Tervis Tumbler anchor cup

Love my elephant tray (hard to tell but they are elephants!)

My framed shopping bags

More bags on another wall (couldn't get all three in one photo)

A blogger (don't think she blogs anymore) made this K for me! To the left is my linen closet and regular closet

Now onto the full (actual) bathroom!

I bought the pink basket at Marshalls and then put the seahorse and name decal on it. I keep hand towels/washcloths inside it. I love my star nightlight. I hate coming home to a dark apartment!

The seahorse and turtle prints are from one of the sample sale sites. The basket is Liberty of London for Target. It holds all of the bathroom essentials: lysol wipes, lotion, air freshener, matches, and an extra roll of toilet paper

Frames and sailboat prints are from Ikea:

Lilly Pulitzer for Garnet Hill rug:

July 13 - Show us your mantles
July 20 - Show us your foyers
July 27 - Show us ways you display pictures
August 3 - Show us window treatments
August 10 - Show us how you decorate your dining room table/coffee table/side table
August 17 - Show us your patio/front porch


  1. I think you have more on your apt walls than I do in my house....I need to get on that! I have that star night light in C's room :) Confession: my bathroom is always a wreck.

  2. I love how you framed shopping bags! That is so extremely creative! I love keeping cute shopping bags from Places, but then I have no idea what to do with them. I think I may try framing.

  3. ah! you just made me realize you have more frames in your bathroom than i do in my entire apartment!

  4. Love the framed shopping bags! Love your Lilly rug, too.

  5. How cute is your new place!? Love the shopping bag idea!

  6. Your bathroom is so cute! Adore all of the fun trays and buckets for keeping the necessities and your framed bags. :)

  7. LOVE the framed shopping bags idea! You're so right -- some of them are too pretty to get rid of.

    Can you tell I'm behind on reading the SUYL posts? And I'm interested (or obsessed!) enough to want to read every single one?!?!

  8. I love your idea of framing shopping bags. You're so organized!


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