Thursday, July 26, 2012

Be My Guest! My Tips for a Guest Friendly Home

Since I live alone, I really try to have friends over as often as I can. I love entertaining and look forward to planning themed parties. At my last apartment I did a Valentine's party, Oscar party, and my birthday party. I wish I had taken more photos! I actually haven't had a party in my new apartment yet (crazy!) but am hoping for a late summer nautical themed party!

I do host casual tv/movie nights weekly. I want my friends to always feel comfortable just relaxing in my apartment. There is nothing worse than going to a friend's and having one of the following happen: 1. run out of TP and can't find any extra in the bathroom. 2. get hot or cold 3. having nothing to eat or drink.

So here's what I do to make my guests comfortable:
1. BLANKETS! I have 3 nautical Thro by Marlo Lorenz throw blankets (you can always find these at Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Homegoods). Someone is always cold! Have a comfortable couch, place to put your feet up (like an ottoman), and good tv trays/side tables for eating/putting drinks on

Throw blankets, comfy couch, kleenex!

2. Have the bathroom stocked for anything and everything! The basket is Liberty of London for Target. It holds all of the bathroom essentials: lysol wipes, lotion, air freshener, matches, makeup remover wipes, and an extra roll of toilet paper.

I bought the pink basket at Marshalls and then put the seahorse and name decal on it. I keep hand towels/washcloths inside it. I love my star nightlight. I hate coming home to a dark apartment and guests won't be in the dark feeling around for the light switch

3. Stock favorite snacks and drinks! I am not great about the drink part (I really only drink water and chocolate milk) but I try to have soda, beer, and wine. Favorite snacks here include: Annie's fruit snacks, Pirate's Booty, goldfish crackers, pita chips and hummus

How do you make your place guest friendly? I can't wait to have a bigger place with a separate guest bedroom! I am already planning cute guest baskets for when friends stay overnight!


  1. I have a seashell nightlight. Love your idea of baskets to corral items.

  2. NEED those blankets! They're perfect!!! xoxo

  3. You are my apartment-decoracting inspiration! Not that I want nautical, but you do so many things to make it feel like a home (even just for yourself)! I'm going to try to add some nice touches to my new place (which hopefully I'll find ASAP!)!

  4. I completely agree. I always want my guests to feel comfortable and welcome. Great tips, Kate!


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