Friday, September 28, 2012

Birthday wishlist

My birthday is coming up so of course I had to make a wishlist! My parents went in on a nice camera (it arrived early and I am so excited to use it in New York next week!). My sisters are the best gift givers-I don't think I have ever been disappointed with a present from them. I'll have to wait until my birthday (October 8 if you are wondering) to see what they got me.

So here's what's on my wishlist:

And of course I need the matching doormat:


  1. that elephant pillow is from target?! i might have to get one for you AND one for myself haha

  2. That sweater and dress need to get in my closet right now!

  3. I love that penguin mat!! And the gloves! All of it, really. You have great taste!

  4. I absolutely love the JCrew peter pan collar sweater! It is on sale in stores...but I think its because its really made with really scratchy wool. I just couldn't get past it, even with the cheaper price.

    1. Yes! I saw it in store today and yikes, way too itchy! I think there's a t shirt version. I'll look for that!

    2. I was just going to post about the sale! I saw it tonight and I wanted to try it on, but way too itchy.


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