Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Organizing: Magazines

* I accidentally published this post without the photos of my binder so I am reposting with the added photos of my binder *

I used to hoard magazines. I admit it. But they take up a lot of room and I never actually reread them. I started a new system when I moved into my last apartment. I do still keep some magazines but only if I will truly reread the whole thing. As I read a magazine I tear out pages that I want to keep (recipes, decorating tips, etc). Sometimes I fold down the pages or use post its if I am not at home. Whatever works! Then I tape the clippings onto paper, slide them into those page protector things, and into a binder organized by topics (well I try at least-I haven't put actual dividers or anything fancy yet). Everything in one place!

Binder is from Liberty of London for Target
A favorite look from a Vineyard Vines catalog and a fun article on how to pack lightly
Beauty/makeup tips and product recommendations

Nautical stripes

Holiday tips and tricks
Books I want to read
I also have sections for excerise/health, organizing, decorating, DIY/crafts, and things I want to do/places I want to go

If you prefer to keep all of your magazines, here are some ideas from Pinterest:

How do you organize your magazines?


  1. I am a huge magazine hoarder!! I try to go through every few months and throw some away and then the rest get organized into those white magazine organizers in my office.

  2. I'm a magazine hoarder as well. I try to throw as many away now as I can, but will pull the occasional article or recipe to save. Cute binder! That is such a good idea!

  3. I do the same thing!! However, mine are totally disorganized, need to get organized!!

  4. Love that idea. I pretty much keep them all for no apparent reason, but your way seems better.

    1. I have such a tough time and really do save them for way too long. Tearing out articles/things to save definitely helps with the clutter I was starting to have!


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