Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Recap

Today I am doing absolutely nothing. I am still in my pajamas and glasses. I haven't showered. I am relaxing, blogging, watching tv. After two busy weeks and a fun filled Friday and Saturday I am ready to have a lazy Sunday.

Thursday night I spent the night at my sister's. We watched Easy A (why can't Penn Badgley always look that good?!) and I got to see Baby Nautical. I had this urge to check my email in the middle of the night. I did and saw that I had an email from my boss. She was at the ER with a broken arm! Yikes! Friday was rough. It's going to be an adjustment for everyone-you don't realize how much you do with both arms/hands. H is pretty independent at least.

Friday night I went on a blind date. I decided that 2013 I am going to include more about my personal life on the blog. I won't be doing weekend recaps every week but I am aiming to do at least one a month now. After my date I had drinks with two nanny friends at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood.

Saturday I slept in (finally) and then ran errands all day. I caught up on Pretty Little Liars, answered emails, and drafted some blog posts.

Saturday night was Brooke's birthday dinner at Chin Chin in Brentwood. Leeann, A, and I carpooled.

After dinner we went for drinks at the Wellesbourne. Fun fact: the Italian restaurant that my family went to for years and years (30+ I think), Anna's, closed and the Wellesbourne replaced it. I had been curious to see this bar because it totally transformed the space. The bar was PACKED. It took forever to get drinks but I thought it was a pretty fun bar. The bartenders all wear bow ties so bonus points for that!
My anchor neckalce c/o Posh Locket (I'll be doing a separate post on Posh Locket later)

I can't believe I didn't get a photo with Brooke, the birthday girl! Hopefully she will do a recap over at her blog.

How are your weekend? 
 Did you see any movies? Start decorating for Valentine's Day?


  1. It's almost 6 pm on the East Coast and I'm still in my pjs, too. Low key weekend, but working on future blog posts this evening. Hoping to get myself motivated! Have a great week!

  2. Sounds fun! I'd enjoy hearing about thefun places you visit in SoCal!

  3. Kate, you look so pretty in the photos. Sounds like a fun weekend and even more fun... the lazy Sunday. Love days like that.

  4. You look pretty in pic w purple blouse!!

  5. Great weekend! That sounds like a fun bar! You guys look great!

  6. Fun weekend! I'll look forward to reading more "real life" updates from you (because I'm nosy :) )

  7. Thanks for linking up with us ;)

    We need to go back to the bar! Maybe earlier or for happy hour because it was a cool place!

  8. You look so cute. And I cannot wait to hear more about you on the blog. Hope the blind date wasn't a dud!


  9. What a fab weekend...?You looking beautiful...
    pet smart

  10. Fun! You left out the most important part though: how was the date?!

    1. HA! Pretty rare to have a great blind date but this one was ok. Nice guy but definitely just friend zone


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