Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Strong Boalt swim trunks

Strong Boalt is a men's swimwear brand based out of Palm Beach, Florida. The seasonal prints are inspired by salt water life in Florida and the Caribbean.
Some of last year's designs
Spring 2013 designs
Currently Strong Boalt has two different styles in ten prints. The Boardshort is 7 1/2 inseam and the Swim Trunk is 5 3/7 inseam with a liner.
All of the Strong Boalt swim trunks feature: 100% quick dry fabric, elastic waistband with cotton draw cord, self draining side pockets, back pocket with velcro flap and drainage button hole, and mesh lining. The Strong Boalt boardshorts feature: 100% quick dry fabric, pieced waistband with cotton draw cord, zipper fly, and back pocket with velcro flap and drainage button hole

Here are some of the designs:

sky blue pineapples (also available in key lime)

Blue parrots (also available in gold)

blue sea urchins (also available in pink)

coral pink brain (also available in coral green)

green palm stripe (also available in red)


  1. Love the trunks...JCW is getting the pink coral print! xx

  2. Must get the pineapple print for my hubs! These are fab!

  3. Ohh I like those! I have been shopping around for some new trunks for Shaun so I might just need to check them out :)

  4. ahhh I love these! They need to make women's swimsuits :-)

  5. M's birthday is on the 5th of July so I am most definitely checking this brand out! Thanks for the suggestion, lady.



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