Monday, June 17, 2013

SugarSNAP Files

I am a bit of an organization junkie and I was trying to figure out what to use as work now that H is potty trained and no longer needs a full on diaper bag (THANK GOD!). I usually use a small penguin Skip Hop zoo backpack (comes with a cute matching lunchbox). It's easy to bring to the park or one of our classes (I can wear it on my back but I can't put it on or take it off quickly). It's not ideal for major outings, travel, etc and I knew the parents needed something different to stay organized.

Enter SugarSNAP Me + Mine set. Let me just note that I bought this using my work credit card, this is not a sponsored post! For our flights to and from Maui I put everything into a plain black backpack from Target. Easy for mom, dad, or me to wear. The Files have breathable mesh on the front and a fun pattern on the back.

Once we got to Maui I unloaded all of the Files and we would just take what we needed before leaving our hotel room. For women you can just throw these into your purse/bag/tote. So nice not to have a separate bag! During the trip the dad would just use the backback.
I usually take the Snacks + Supplies and Shirts + Socks files in my tote if we are just running some errands

The Me + Mine set comes with blank tabs, you just add the sticker labels you want to use (there are labels for non-moms in this set too). The original set comes with files that are already labeled and is specifically for use with babies/toddlers (this is the set my sister got on my recommendation).
Labels for the Me + Mine set

Original set with the pre-labeled files (photo from SugarSnap website)
This is how I store the Files at home in LA. At the end of the day I restock and put everything into this small box in the playroom. Ready for the next day. Grab what you need and go!

Closeup of the labels I chose for our files

Best part: the Files come with this hook-and-ring system-attach them all to the ring or carry them separately

What I keep in the Lotions + Potions file

I can keep multiple outfits, socks, underwear and plastic bag (always come in handy!) in the Shirts + Socks file

Snacks + Supplies

I absolutely love SugarSnap! Instead of searching at the bottom of my bag for crayons or panicking that I might have forgotten extra underwear for H, I can quickly and easily find what I need!


  1. GREAT find!!! Thank you for sharing! My kids are far beyond the diaper bag but I can use these for my "baseball bag" that I take to my twins' games as well as other big kid activities.

  2. wow!! you are very organized!! that sounds like a greta tool for people with kids ;)

  3. Definitely going to be looking into this for my diaper bag!

  4. Wow. That product sounds amazing. I do not have kids nor do I nanny but even I can see how something like that would be incredibly helpful and as a time-saver!


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